Best-Selling Self Defense Products

Everyday, more and more people are taking steps to increase their personal safety than ever before. This growing trend of proactive individuals and organizations is changing the way that companies approach the consumer market for personal security. Gaining knowledge on what self-defense products are available (and legal) can offer you an increased sense of security as well as the potential to mitigate life-threatening situations. This is why we’ve researched the best-selling products on the market today, check them out below!


SABRE Pepper Spray Gel

epp gel

Featured on several news outlets and talk shows, SABRE’s law enforcement-grade pepper sprays are the highest selling in the market, and comes in various models including bear and dog sprays. Tested in SABRE’s own manufacturing facility, the spray’s sticky gel base makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, especially in confined areas. Offering greater range, it lessens the distance needed for effectiveness. SABRE’s Red pepper spray gel can be purchased on SABRE’s website or on Amazon.


Vipertek Mini Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

stun gun

An Amazon best seller, the Vipertek Mini provides a high-voltage electrical shock that momentarily immobilizes assailants to prevent further aggressive activity.  The mini comes complete with an internal battery (no replacements needed), super-sharp spike pins to penetrate thick clothing, and snatch-preventing shock plates on both sides. Useful features, a convenient size, and an intimidating crackle definitely make this stun gun a worthwhile buy.


Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm


The Vigilant personal alarm is quickly becoming one of the most talked about personal safety devices on the market, and with a 130 ear-piercing decibel range we can see why! Personal alarms are a great option to help diffuse physical attacks, by providing a perfect element of surprise for aggressors. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use-users simply need to pull the pin to set off the alarm (lasts up to 1 hour).


Fury Tactical SDK with Pressure Tip


This little guy (aka “Kubaton”) is one best force multipliers in the industry.  It has a contoured body for grip and comfort and grip, as well as a strong striking point for vulnerable points of an assailant’s body such as the eyes, neck, and temple.  The Fury Tactical measures close to 6 inches and its light weight (only 2 ounces) is perfect for attaching to a keychain or bag.


Prudance Cartoon Cat Keychain 

Definitely one of the more trendy personal safety products hitting the market more than likely due to its toy-like appearance, these light, but surprisingly durable keychains offer users a slim design to fit even the smallest hands. Users simply insert their fingers through the eye holes to create a pretty significant force multiplier in attack situations. The Prudance Cat come in various colors, with a keychain attachment, and can easily fit inside any purse or backpack.